By making this central digital site for all aspects of The Condor Street Site’s cultural landscape, the hope is to inform the public of this ongoing environmental injustice and to help persuade the EFSB to relocate the substation to a Massport-owned site


DOCUMENT the facts. This project is sited within a flood plane putting all nearby properties and people at an unfair risk in East Boston, a neighborhood already overburdened with regional and industrial infrastructure.

EDUCATE visitors about the history of East Boston’s unjust infrastructure and Eversource’s previous malpracticess so that a fair future is ensured for the neighborhood. Concessions must be made for violations in the past.

UNDERSTAND East Boston as a diverse neighborhood that is largely known by for hosting Logan Airport and all of its fuel. To justify any new project needs to require inclusive design processes that acknowledge all of the different stake- holders and their varied desires for the best outcome possible.

ORGANIZE physically and digitally. Spread awareness of essential conditions. Create spaces where people can recollect, gather, and vocalize their needs. Make places worthy of witnessing and serving to testify.

Rebecca Kozak, Resident & Community Organizer
Wants: environmental justice in my neighbor- hood
So that she can: safely continue to enjoy public space, feel justice for previous wrongs
Kim Janey, Boston Mayor
Wants: to provide executive leadership, set priorities and goals for the City
So that she can: oversee a time of success for those who reside in Boston
Bob Clarke, Eversource Sitting Director
Wants: to find the best physical site toprovide clean energy to New England
So that he can: maximize profit for shareholders and sustainably power the region
Maritza Manrique, Resident
Wants: Eversource to not build the substation
So that she can: feel like her voice has been heard and her needs are not ignored
Sean Lydon, City Deputy of Inspectional S ervices
Wants: to enforce building, housing, health, sanitation, and safety regulations
So that she can: protect and improve the quality of life for all Boston residents.
Kathleen Theoharides,, Energy & Environmental Affairs Secretary
Wants: to lead MA’s efforts on climate change
So that she can: provide reliable and responsible energy options for the state of Massachusetts
Patrick Dawson, Northeastern Student
Wants: An inclusive and fair building process
So that I can: feel like my architectural edu- cation and skillset can used for the good of the public
Lydia Edwards, East Boston’s City Councilor
Wants: to represent my District’s desires to the best of my ability to City Hall
So that she can: ensure constituents within her districts feel taken care of
Adrian Madaro,, Mass State Representative
Wants: to expand quality of public space, equity among East Boston’s diverse population
So that he can: provide equal resources and opportunities to East Boston residents